Twitter Tweet Tips

By now you’re already familiar with how Twitter works and what it can and can’t do. As mentioned earlier, both Twitter’s web service as well as its downloadable mobile application only permits its users to post a tweet not longer than 140 characters in length. However, also as mentioned earlier, there is an abundance of third party applications that offer to do things that Twitter can not do. These include sending tweets that exceed the 140 character-limit.


If you will be using Twitter as a platform of advertising for your business, most of the applications previously mentioned are well-capable of working around this limit. On the other hand, if you intend to use Twitter for personal use, there are also a number of apps that will help you do what Twitter won’t let you do. These include mobile apps like Ubersocial, Echofon, Tweetdeck, and Tweetcaster.

Tweets that you send can be re-sent or ‘retweeted’ by any of your followers. Conversely, you can also re-send or retweet tweets by your followers. Retweeting is usually done when a follower likes a user’s tweet. The tweet is re-posted on Twitter through retweeting, and this can be done by simply clicking on the icon attached to the tweet that looks like arrows going around.

Another important thing you should know about Twitter is the use of hashtags. Hashtags are basically keywords relating to the tweet sent. The keywords or hashtags are written on the tweet itself after the character #. Hashtags were devised by Twitter to organize what’s trending or what’s the most talked about on Twitter. Every user who has something to say about a topic is encouraged to put the hashtag on their tweet so that other users who also take interest in the same topic would be able to read them and respond, if they wish.


Now if you want to keep a certain tweet that you’ve read, you can simply select that tweet by clicking on it, and then clicking on the star icon right below the tweet which automatically adds it to your favorites. You can always go back to your favorites and read them anytime you please by simply going to your profile and clicking on the link that says ‘favorites’, which is located right below your tweets.

Deleting tweets work similar to adding tweets as favorites. If you wish to delete a tweet that you’ve posted, simply click on the tweet that you wish to remove, and then click on the icon that looks like a trashcan. Take note that deleted tweets could no longer be recovered, so it’s best to proceed with caution.

Videos, images, and webpages can easily be shared on Twitter. For most videos, you will find buttons or links that say ‘Share on Facebook’ or Share on ‘Twitter’. Simply click on that link and it will all be taken care of. For those that do not have the ‘share’ button, you can simply copy the page’s URL (the part on your browser that says http:// — like, etc.), and paste it on the field that you use to send a tweet, and then post.