Twitter Marketing Tips

Technology has definitely made our lives far easier than we could ever have imagined. Gone are the days where starting businesses need to spend huge sums on advertising just to get a shot at success that comes without guarantee. Although big shot advertising schemes do have their perks, entrepreneurs no longer need to shell out a fortune just to familiarize potential clients with what they have to offer. Today’s future customers are almost guaranteed already a part of the ever-growing number of social media platform users who are literally just a click away from businesses who intend to target them as clients. Advertising on Twitter can reach as far as all corners of the world.


Unlike other advertising techniques, advertising on social media has very little to no risk at all. Platforms like Twitter can be used by anyone, anywhere, and for absolutely free. Risk can only be accounted for if you rely on the platform solely. Twitter can only go as far as being the tool to help you promote your business– but everything else will be done by you.

To make sure that your starting business reaches its intended audience, you might want to start with the people you know. After all, all your efforts in advertising on Twitter are completely useless if the audience you reach aren’t the ones whom you intend them to be. An American Twitter user’s followers from Greece, for example, are not likely to be interested in a start-up business that he has going on from tens of thousands of miles away in the States.

Ensure that the Twitter profile for your business tells exactly what you want your prospects to know. One thing you have to remember about Twitter is that it does have character-limits. Be concise and absolutely clear on what you have to say, and make sure that the main keyword ford your business can be found there. This also applies to your tweets. After building your audience, the next thing you have to remember is that, chances are, you’re not the only one on Twitter. Make sure that your tweets are enticing, inviting, and catchy enough to be noticed by your audience. Again, these also have to be clear and concise.


Do not overdo your Twitter advertising. Twitter is free and fun to use, but if you flood your followers’ timelines with your advertisements, you’re just a button away from losing a prospect. Twitter users can simply ‘unfollow’ you.

If you have doubts about finding the right audience on Twitter, they have an advertising program that targets a specific audience of your choosing based on geography, interests, etc. The best part about this program is that Twitter will only ask you to pay for what worked. If your intended audience simply ignored your promotional tweet (which is highly unlikely), you won’t have to pay. Twitter also puts you in control on when you intend to start or stop, according to your budget or target.