Twitter Groups and Widgets

If there are specific people from your followers that you want your tweet to reach, it’s time to get help from outside of Twitter. You can create a group or ‘list’ out of your followers in Twitter from inside the platform itself, but it does not allow you to send them tweets or messages unless you do it individually. Twitter lists were made for its users’ reading convenience, you can only read whatever they had posted. This is where third party applications come in handy. There is a number of apps that lets you do things Twitter just won’t let you, like posting a tweet longer than 140 characters, creating a group, and actually sending them a message.


Here are some of the applications that might be of help to you.

Tweetworks. This is a Twitter app that lets you create a group which can be either public or private, the choice is entirely upon you. The group you create on this service can receive tweets or messages from you, and these can be visible only to the group, or to your timeline as well, and that solely depends on you. Tweetworks does not require you to sign up for their service, but they do require you to log in to your Twitter account.

TwitTangle. This service not only allows you to create groups, it also allows you to drag and drop followers or friends into multiple groups you’ve created. Like Tweetworks, TwitTangle also allows you to send them a message, and logging in to your Twitter account is required to start using the service.

Tweetdeck. This is a highly used Twitter service that allows you to create groups, and post tweets or status updates on multiple platforms. Messages you post can be sent to Twitter, or both Twitter and Facebook, if you already have a Facebook account setup. Logging in to both your social media accounts is required to use the service. If you’re planning to use it only for Twitter, however, a Facebook account sign in is no longer required.


Hootsuite. For businesses that have multiple social media accounts, the easiest way to manage your posts would be by sending them through a single platform. Post messages to all your social media accounts easily by using Hootsuite. This service allows you to post a single message to multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and others.