Trending on Twitter

Trends on Twitter are the topics which are currently the much-talked about on Twitter. These topics are driven by hashtags, which, as discussed earlier in this article, are keywords preceded by the hash sign (#). The popularity of these topics are measured in real time with the help of these hashtags— which are automatically picked up and organized by Twitter.


Top Twitter trends of the day

Twitter users can check what’s trending on Twitter anytime of the day by simply clicking or tapping on the # icon on the left part of the screen inside the Twitter app that says “DISCOVER“, and then tapping on the top part of the page that shows up which says “TRENDING“.

If you are accessing Twitter through your personal computer, on the other hand, trends on the Twitter page on your browser should show up on the lower left hand corner of the screen, with the title “TRENDS“.

The topics that are shown here are usually picked up and sorted out according to the Twitter user’s location. If your location is in New Zealand, for example, Twitter automatically picks up trending topics in New Zealand and shows it on this page. Trends for New Zealand should show up as “NEW ZEALAND TRENDS“.

Apart from the organic way of checking the latest trending topics on Twitter, there are also other more elaborate ways of finding more about the latest trends. Twitter’s homepage and search page, for example, always show the current trends by default. Clicking on each trending hashtag would give you more insight of what the topic is about, as users share what they have to say about it. But Twitter’s official page is not the only site that offers these things.


Other websites such as Twist, Monitter, and Tweetmeme or Digg dedicate their entire sites to what’s trending on Twitter. Twist gives Twitter users a graphical interface of the Twitter hashtags that have trended over the past week, days, and hours; Monitter, on the other hand, monitors Twitter trends real-time. It lets users get in-depth analysis of the trending topics by providing them with columns that they can add or remove, to get just the information that they need from the trends. Tweetmeme was a popular resource site for Twitter’s trending hashtags, which has been replaced with Digg. Although Digg does not work the same way Tweetmeme did, it still remains a good resource for what’s most talked-about on the internet.

And then finally, there is which organizes trending hashtags on Twitter, placing them on a chart that gives an in-depth analysis of the trend, and tells users the story behind each trend.