Installing the Twitter app on your gadgets

Twitter’s web service can get you all the work you need done on the platform but ask any Twitter user and they’d tell you it’s best enjoyed when installed on your tablet or on your phone. A number of 3rd party applications offer services that let you enjoy Twitter beyond Twitter’s conventional ways, allowing you do what is impossible to do on Twitter’s official app. Most of these applications can be ruled out as safe, but just to be on the sure side of things, it would be best to just download Twitter’s official app instead.

Installing Twitter on Android devices

By default, Android devices do not inform their users of the system requirements for downloading apps. Twitter for Android, however, is around 6.1MB in size, so it’s best to keep in mind that the free space on your device is at least a little more than that. Twitter for Android is available for all Android devices, phones and tablets alike, and downloading the app is done the same way for all devices: images

1.    Tap Google Play icon on your device to open the app
2.    Search for Twitter on the search box and tap on “DOWNLOAD”. Grant the permissions being asked by the app by tapping on “ACCEPT”
3.    Once it’s done downloading, open the Twitter app and sign in.

Installing Twitter for Windows devices

The Twitter client for Windows mobile devices is supported by the versions Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.5. The app will take 4MB from your free space so you will have to have more than that.

To install:

1.    Tap on the Windows Marketplace and type Twitter on the search field.
2.    Download the app and install.
3.    Open Twitter by tapping on the app icon, and then hit sign in.

Installing Twitter for iPad, iPhone and Mac

There are two ways to install Twitter on Apple devices– you can simply go to the App Store and search for Twitter and click on “INSTALL”; or you can simply open Safari and go to

images (2)

Just as it is with any other app you download from the App Store, you will be required to enter your Apple ID password to begin the download. Once completed, “ACCEPT” the terms and conditions and then sign in.

Twitter app cleaning

Once in a while, Apple devices “clean up” apps installed on them, and the Twitter app is no exemption. The “cleaning up” of an app simply means clearing the cache and unnecessary temporary files created by the app to free up space.


Meanwhile, managing the Twitter app can be a daunting task. But there are a number of 3rd party applications that would gladly do the cleaning up for you. These cleaners can automatically unfollow inactive users for you, while letting you keep the users you want to keep following at the same time. Twip Cleaner, Manage Flitter, Twerp Scan are some of those that offer these services for free.