Most people around the world probably know– or at least have heard about– Twitter, one of the leading social media platforms on the internet today. Twitter was first conceived in March of 2006 after a day-long session of brainstorming by a group of people from then-podcasting company Odeo. The group– which included Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams– stumbled upon the idea after Dorsey pitched in a concept about an individual sending sms group messages to selected contacts. Glass coined the term Twitter which was defined in the dictionary as a “short burst of inconsequential information” and “chirps from birds”. Four months later, in July of 2006, Twitter was launched.

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Today, Twitter has nearly 300 million users with over 500 million tweets being sent everyday, and is valued at an estimated $5 billion.

Tweets are the messages sent through Twitter. Typically, tweets can not be more than 140 characters long, and can be just about anything under the sun– although when Twitter first started, tweets were usually answers to the much-asked question, “What are you doing?”.

Twitter-2Since then, Twitter has evolved from being just a microblogging tool to a powerful advertisement platform, where word of mouth meets technology. Not only do words spread fast on Twitter, it has become a platform for businesses to showcase everything that they have to offer– and at little to no cost at all.