Connecting Twitter with Google +

Connecting your Twitter account with your Google+ account won’t be as easy as it was with Facebook. Google+ does not inherently give its users the option to integrate their account to Twitter. Connecting Twitter with Google+ will only be possible through 3rd party applications such as Hootsuite, Flitter, and Everypost. Both Hootsuite and Everypost applications[…]

How To Connect Pinterest To Twitter

Unlike Google+, Pinterest allows its users to connect their Twitter accounts with their platform. Like Facebook, integrating your Pinterest account with Twitter can be done in 5 easy steps. Step 1. Log in to Pinterest. Click on your name at the top part of the page. Step 2. Click on the gear menu and then[…]

Twitter Social Integration

Twitter is a powerful tool but it would be even more powerful if you would integrate it with all your other social media accounts. Connecting your Twitter account with other social media platforms will do miracles in saving time as well as organizing your social media posts. Integrating your Twitter account with all your other[…]