About Twitter

Most businesses today maintain an official account to keep their existing and potential clients updated of the latest from their businesses. Celebrities from all over the globe also take advantage of Twitter’s wide audience reach, using it is a platform for announcements, promotions, as well as a tool to advance their advocacies.


Twitter has become so powerful that businesses, public figures, and even governments have turned to it to reach their desired audiences. Even the Queen of England herself has recently joined this social media platform.

Like Facebook, Twitter has proven itself an exceptional tool in conveying important messages from one individual to thousands or even millions of others. Numerous tragedies that took place were made known to the public extraordinarily fast through Twitter, and this has helped greatly in deploying much-needed aid swiftly– with more people being involved as information is able to reach literally millions in seconds.



Consequently, Twitter founders’ net worth are now estimated in billions. Former CEO, current chairman and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, for example, now has an estimated net worth of $2.3 billion. Another former CEO and co-founder Evan Williams, who is the company’s current director, is even richer at $2.7 billion, while another co-founder Biz Stone has an estimated net worth of $200 million, which is not bad at all.

Today, Twitter’s share prices range at about $43 per share.

Despite several losses in the past, Twitter remains one of the biggest and most popular IT companies in the world, maintaining its place as the second most used social media platform in the planet, next to Facebook.